A Fresh Start

Good news! I've decided to come back to posting here, despite giving up on the club. That's not really a bad thing. After making some major life changes, including losing about 200 pounds, dedicating more time to my family, and deciding to return to school while holding down a full-time...Read more

Living off the Edge

Life happens, and for this reason we’ve suspended activity at the Edge of the World. My fascination for all things related to HEMA/WMA has not ceased, but until this club resumes, I feel uncomfortable posting additional articles here. Instead, my plan is to post articles on fencing among the many...Read more
Welcome to The Edge of the World

Welcome to The Edge of the World

Welcome to The Edge of the World historical fencing academy. My name is Philipp, and I’m the proprietor of this small WMA group, located in Fort Wayne, IN. My group is dedicated to the study and promotion of Western Martial Arts (WMA) and Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA), and most...Read more